About Caitlin


I started this page to document all of my adventures in baking, crafting, decorating and designing. Basically, a catch-all of anything I create and the things that inspire me to do so.

I’ve always considered myself as the creative type. Growing up, my creative “ideas” might not have been as useful as I thought. (I think my parents would agree after all my projects around the house — I once rhinestoned my toilet seat cover.) No matter how impractical or obnoxious these expressions of creativity were, I’m still grateful I put in the time and energy. I think of creativity like anything else you work hard at to become better at — the more you do it, the more creative you become!

Now I can use my creativity as a hobby, an outlet to express myself, entertainment or therapy. It’s much more useful, gratifying and valuable.

Thanks to pinterest (and my newly acquired free time since I’m no longer a student) I’ve taken on a lot of new challenges and adventures. I’m hoping this blog encourages me to try new things, share my (success and failure) experiences with others, learn and continue to express and grow my creativity.

Questions? Comments? Send me an email at caitlin.slator@yahoo.com.


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