Burlap Wreath

Last December I was looking for some cute homemade Christmas gifts for friends and family. I love looking at Etsy for ideas and, like always, I found  my  inspiration. It was a simple monogrammed wreath that would be perfect for all seasons!

It ended up being inexpensive, easy and cute! The perfect project.

I purchased all of my materials at Hobby Lobby, and started with a basic stick wreath.


I had seen little burlap flowers on Etsy but wasn’t sure how to make them. I also couldn’t find any tutorials! I ended up cutting about foot long strip of burlap and folding it in half lengthwise. Then I slowly wrapped it in tight circle while   twisting to create edges. It was sort of a trial and error process!

I hot glued the burlap flowers, little white flowers and pearls on one side of the wreath.

I also purchased a wood letter and covered it with burlap.


Here’s the final product: